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Dear Bazaar, There are 4 issues i see here requiring your input, debate and vote:

  • Official status. Should this present Training Course planned for September be accorded an official status? If we don't, questions arise as to its quality. If we do, questions arise. It is damn if we do, and damn if we don't. What says you?
  • Pricing Structure. As organiser, Idalica must pull in a continous stream of attenddees to pay enough for this to go on. Should we leave to Idalica to decide how best to charge for it, certification included, and contribute back in kind, and later after each performance they submit to us for review? Remember the bazaar holds veto on all official activities. We just want to facilitate all initiatives well.
  • Later issue is the franchising to other countries to conduct similar training. As the material are free, anyone can conduct it, and employ our ppl to be the trainers. How should we protect the quality of the training and ensure bazaar benefits?

If you have any other tots other than this, pls do chip in.

- Red1 23:09, 13 April 2007 (EDT)


  • Official Status: Should be official only in that it has the privilege of being promoted here, like the European Conference. It shouldn't infer any special status to attendees, unless they want to say "I've been through training, Carlos did a great job, even though you couldnt understand him"
  • Pricing structure. Yes
  • Later issue is later, let's see if anyone signs up....

jsSolutions 23:35, 13 April 2007 (EDT),

I propose that u start puttin up the prices now. I m thinking of a package for foreign countries too. I got some mental figures here:
  • in USA site (by local training operator) - USD2,000 per trainee for 4 days.
  • for foreign site (no local training operator) the training host has to pay USD20,000 for their arranged <30 trainee audience. ADempiereBusiness shall send a team of 4 trainers to cover 4 days training. All other expenses borne by host.
again, u have to recalculate my wild hunches.. - Red1 10:07, 18 April 2007 (EDT)